Idaho-Berlin Reunion


We arrived in Salmon, Idaho around 4:30 on Saturday July 1. Sandy, Corrie, Tom and the kids were already there. Sandy tells us that we are going to a demolition derby.  It will be a first for the Dirilgens!



I didn’t get many photos but in between the cars hitting each other, there were 4 motorbikes with couples on them. The man was driving and the woman was sitting behind him with a baseball bat and a balloon on their head. Each person was trying to hit the balloon of the other people. The last balloon not popped wins. It was quite the show.

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Salmon is a small town in Idaho, where Sandy spent some time growing up there. She gave us the local tour around. It was great and it was great to see these people that I made so many memories with while in Berlin.

We left on July 5th and headed to Colorado via Salt Lake City. We stayed at the cutest AirBnB, I wanted to take it with me.



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