Yellowstone National Park


We arrived at Yellowstone on a Friday morning and drove right in, didn’t have to wait at all. We heard about the long lines to get into the park and was really happy that we didn’t get in one. We drove to our campsite to set up and then go explore. We were right next to Katie and family which was great. It was a beautiful place to spend the night and for $28.

We went straight to Old Faithful which was only about 12 miles from our campground but it took a good hour to get there. On the way we ran into a herd of bison. It’s nice as everyone is just as interested as you in seeing nature and everyone is going slow and stopping at random places. IMG_1749IMG_1747

Arrived at Old Faithful with about 20 minutes to wait for it to go. It is called Old Faithful for a reason. Little did we know the Smiths were there at the exact same time.


It is pretty amazing to think that there is an active volcano under the earth and it could erupt at any time! The guy next to me said “the US is gone if this blows and we can’t go live in Cuba, cuz Trump is taking care of traveling there.” I just nodded. He was decked out in Cuban flags. I didn’t tell him I was secretly Cuban!

We went on to explore the other hot spots of the park before going back for dinner at our campground.

IMG_1776IMG_1777IMG_1775IMG_1774Hot dogs, sausages, and S’mores for dinner. I think we threw in a few carrots too.




Beautiful flowers grow at the water faucet. And the water came out fast and COLD.


Next stop Idaho.


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