Big Sky, Montana


It took a good 3 days from Roselle, IL to get to Big Sky, MT. We hooked up with The Scherers and drove from South Dakota to Big Sky together, just two Subarus on the road!

We were exhausted upon arrival it was a lot of driving. Luckily we were staying there for 4 days and our next few drives were way shorter.

Even though I said I wasn’t going to do anything on the first day in Big Sky, I was happy that we went on a little hike very close to where we were staying. It was beautiful and I kept telling myself that we are not in New England as that is what I was reminded of.

IMG_1728 2

Waterfall action shot, we were getting so splashed here. 

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From Big Sky where we had temperatures from 45F-85F (7C-29C) we all drove to Yellowstone where we camped for 1 night. We got in for FREE since Fiona is a 4th grader. So FYI: all 4th grade students get into all National Parks for free. The entire car gets in for free. It was great and saved us close to $100 for the 3 parks we went to.


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