After FallingWater we drove about an hour to Pittsburgh where the plan was to go to Andy Warhol Museum, stay the night at an AirBnB and then hit the road to Roselle, IL and stay with my cousin and her family. Well there was a hiccup. As with most museums it was closed on Mondays and although I swear I did my research, I screwed up. We had the afternoon free and went to the museum Tuesday morning instead. It was all good, we were on holiday. So we were to our AirBnB chilled for a few hours and then went out to explore.


IMG_1572 2

loved walking around the city

IMG_1566 2

and going up the funicular which is very much like the one in Tunel in Istanbul. In fact as weird as this sounds Pittsburgh really reminded us of Istanbul.

IMG_1569 2

from the top

IMG_1563 2

IMG_1567 2

Pittsburgh, it was such a pleasant surprise.

IMG_1568 2

Being silly.

IMG_1573 2

Dinner. A great recommendation.

IMG_1574 2
Salami, cole slaw, pickle, french fires and fresh bread. Should have melted cheese too but no cheese for me. Orcun is happy with his sandwich.
The next morning we went to see Andy and his art. Being a fan of Warhol, I have seen many of his pieces over the years and across the world but it was great to see his work that was collaborated with Jean Michel Basquiat. From Pittsburgh we drove to Roselle, IL and the long 4 day drive began! 


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