a brief family stop and then never ending driving

IMG_1601 3

After leaving Pittsburgh we headed to Roselle, IL. We are new to being in the car all day so we didn’t make it all the way to my cousin’s house and decided to camp. We thought it was a good idea until about midnight when it started to pour. My tent is about 18 yrs old and it leaked a tiny bit. The girls slept all night but mama didn’t. Also the weird guy parked next to us in his car all night kind of freaked me out so I just couldn’t relax. I survived and we got up early and drove to Roselle.

We had some nice down time with my cousin Stacey, her husband Jim and their son Adam as well as  seeing my Uncle Garry and Aunt Barbara and cousin Chet. It was a great chill 2 days. Washing clothes and catching up on family gossip.

IMG_1609 2

Deep conversation with Uncle Garry.


At the neighborhood pool.

IMG_1603 2

Celebrating Fiona’s 9th and Adam’s 11th birthdays.

We then hit the road for 3 days of LONG driving.

Day 1: Roselle-Le Mars, Iowa Flat corn fields

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 16.47.27.png

Day 2: Le Mars-Hill City, SD

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 16.52.44

This was a crazy day through the Badlands and really strong winds.

IMG_1625 2

Wide open spaces.

IMG_1627 2

Reminded us of Capadoccia in Turkey.

IMG_1629 2

We have a lot better photos from our DSLR, once we get home I can upload them.

IMG_1630 2


IMG_1632 2IMG_1634 2IMG_1641 2

IMG_1645 2

That is a bison in the distance.


At the famous Wall Drugs.

Then onto Hill City to meet up with the Scherers (that’s Katie Carlin’s family). It was like the day never ended but this post will. South Dakota and Montana up next.



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